Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Well some may ask "where do you buy yarn?" or "what yarn is best?"

To answer the first question.. I'm a believer in local shops. Hank of Yarn in Southaven is a fantastic shop. The ladies there are very knowledgeable and always ready to help with any knitting question. They can help you select the best yarn based on the project you are working on.

Hank of Yarn is also where I learned to knit. My mother taught me to crochet when I was 8. After 23 years of crocheting, a friend (LIZ) said we should do a class there. It was 4 hours (2 per Saturday for 2 saturdays) for $25 + materials. It changed my creative life! Lots of knit love for Kathy and Hank!

Pay them a visit or click here to go to their web site: HANK OF YARN

To answer the second question.. my favorite yarns for beanies are Boku, Noro, Mission Falls or Encore. Encore is a solid worsted yarn with consistent performance that is usable for scarves and gloves as well. I have also used Heaven to make baby blankets. It is a chunky yet uber-soft yarn.

Any other questions or comments... let me know!


  1. And i was an EPIC FAIL at the knitting class, but Miss Thang here took to it like a duck to water, etc. However, I did your Mom's green thumb, so it's all good. Site looks very nice. ~Liz~

  2. lots of love Liz. Just grow me some eggplant =)

  3. I haven't started rolling eggplant yet- just ate one and got 2 on the vine. They usually crank up in mid July- do you want some cukes though? Already got 3 of them and no end in sight.

  4. nah.. just want the eggplant for frying... pick em young before they get all seedy and stuff =) (for me anyway)