Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Organizing and OCD

Feels almost like nesting. I took all my "project" bags and consolidated into a 6 drawer rolling cart. Now all my tools are organized, yarn is protected and I realize 1 very important thing... i have a LOT of yarn stash.

Stash yarn is yarn that was used to make stuff and i had a tiny ball of it left or something. So stay tuned for things like.. 'thumb warmers' or 'coffee mug wraps'... you know a KNIT item to wrap your Starbucks cup instead of a paper one. Think of it as BeanieMaster Goes Green!

(I even labeled each drawer so the BeanieMaster-in-training can use my system too!)

Slightly less newsworthy is my slight OCD status. Went to Lenny's Sub Shop for lunch today. I ordered my sandwich on white, but it was given to me with a wheat bottom and a white topper. WEIRD.. needless to say I didn't get to request a do-over because I was on break from work. Lenny's... you owe me a corrected sandwich one day soon.

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